A History In Profiles: Setting Sun On The Horizon – The Oracle

There have only been a few times in Consortium history when a single individual has changed the course of an entire species. Of those rare instances, perhaps none have been quite as dramatic as Setting Sun On The Horizon and the revelation of the false god, Vilithii.

Before Setting Sun began the events which would alter their lives forever, the Vilithii were content in their caste system. Their world made sense, from the highest ruling Baron down to the lowest Collector, sacrificing themselves for the consumption of those above. It was a simple system that had endured generations.

One fateful meeting with a strange alien species would spark discontent inside Setting Sun and lead to a chain reaction of events which would topple the Vilithii’s sacred beliefs. In one evening of fire and chaos, their world changed forever and left Setting Sun On The Horizon standing alone among the ashes, ready to lead the Vilithii to a new reality.

Setting Sun has been labelled a heretic and a hero, a prophet and a plague. Which would you choose?