It’s Convention Time! – The Oracle

It’s that time of year again when Ed gathers up a big bundle of all our best games and goodies and brings them out to share with everyone. He’s not quite like Santa Claus but close.

Ed’s been planning sessions and collecting supplies for weeks in anticipation of this convention and he’s just about ready to bring it all together for the first event of the year! This Saturday and Sunday stop by AnimeCon to play The Consortium, Lyres, or Survival with our dedicated team. We absolutely love running games and can’t wait to show you around some of our favorites. Swing by our booth and strike up a conversation!

Before you pack your bags for AnimeCon I just have one question for you… have you seen The Secret War? Our first Consortium expansion is counting down its final days in Kickstarter so don’t miss out on being a part of this addition to our most popular game. We have more great content coming out for Consortium in the coming months so be sure to follow along as we expand this world.

That’s it for me, see you next time!


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