Our Very First Survivors – The Oracle

It was a difficult journey, but Ed tells me that everyone who got in on the first Alpha playtest group of Era: Survival made it out alive. Of course, not without some damage!

Freddie, the co-creator with Ed, was a great GM and even though the session wasn’t particularly loaded with enemies, the team was still nearly dragged off into the darkness. According to Ed, there were no shortage of terrifying moments while the team was fighting drop bears, burning revered trees and stealing chainsaws from zombies that *ahem* someone armed, using their evil cards! Overall the playtest was a success, everyone had a great time, and he’s looking forward to their next session in a week or so.

The cards I’m talking about are part of the new Karma system in Era: Survival. There are Good and Evil cards with free, transferable Skill points for Neutral. Good cards will make you find items or perhaps an ally will appear whereas Evil cards will improve your enemy, but also improve the loot you gain once you’ve defeated them. It’s a risk and an interesting line to walk. Zombies with chainsaws are not what I’d want to see coming at me!

In a short bit of time we’ll be looking for Beta testers so do some deep thinking about whether or not you think you’ve got what it takes to survive and keep checking back here to catch our call to action.

Until next week!


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