Era: Lost Legend Core Rulebook


Page Count: 264

Era: Lost Legend is a unique science fantasy tabletop RPG inspired by classic JRPG titles of the last three decades. Enter a corrupt world ruled over by a powerful corporation, which keeps every town in line by their vast robot armies. Join the resistance and fight your way to freedom alongside your downtrodden fellows, or keep the populace in line as a team of Stardust, Inc enforcers. The future of this world is in your hands!

Venture forth as a weapon-wielding corporeal character, or sling magic spells as an ethereal being. Players work in pairs, with a magic ethereal bound to a corporeal counterpart, leveraging your compatibility to become more powerful than you could ever wish to be alone. If you work together you can reap bountiful rewards, but drift apart and you risk transforming into a horrifying monster!

In this rulebook you will find: 

  • The Core Era D10 ruleset, a versatile “dice pool” based TTRPG game system which powers play
  • A detailed guide to character creation, with three Corporeal Races, plus Ethereal options to choose from
  • A choice between fifteen separate Power Trees to advance your character. There are eleven for Corporeal beings, and four for Ethereals. This innovative level-up system is inspired by skill trees from classic JRPG titles, efficiently adapted for tabletop rules
  • An extensive list of equipment, including armour and weapons, to prepare your characters for adventure
  • An extensive history of the world, covering each continent, and the rise and fall of the Stardust Corporation. This lays the foundation for any game played within the canon setting
  • A selection of nine different pre-written session ideas to get new players right into the action, set within various eras of the game’s timeline
  • Worked examples of the rules, and GM advice tailored for people new to running the game
  • Character and GM aids, including a detailed list of examples for Attribute/Skill pairings, as well as fumble examples for when dice rolls don’t go to plan

The Era: Lost Legend core rulebook (and a few dice!) are all that is required for anyone to play the game. With a player’s guide available and plenty of context, abilities, and much much more, as well as extra story and setting information, you’re all set for more adventure, should you want to dive deeper into the world of Era: Lost Legend.


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