Era: Survival Definitive Edition Rulebook


Page Count: 310

Era: Survival is a survival horror Tabletop RPG set in the midst of the zombie apocalypse. Gaia was once a full, lucious world, but once the undead started walking the planet, civilization became only a comforting memory. Fight for (or betray) any of the thirteen factions that inhabit this world, each with their own philosophy of how to survive the apocalypse. Or, start your own band of survivors to take on this dead world under your own terms. In a world of limited ammo and nothing but old, rusty weapons that might break at any moment, every encounter with zombies (or other survivors) is a life-or-death nail-biter. Whether you want to play a schlocky, shambling gore-fest, or a grounded community survival game with constantly warring factions and infected monsters lurking around every corner, Era: Survival is the system to bring the deadly apocalypse to your tabletop.


Era: Survival is accompanied by a unique deck of Karma Cards, which affect the outcome of various aspects of your adventure, including the type of loot you find, and how you’re viewed by the NPCs you encounter. Distinct from an Alignment system, Karma doesn’t concern itself with your intentions, but the outcome of your actions. If you give aid to a tortured captive who goes on to burn down a village, you gain evil Karma. If on the other hand, you steal the entire food supply of a village that happens to be the base for a vicious raider group, letting them all starve to death will gain you good Karma. It’s not always clear what type of Karma you will generate until the full outcome of your actions have played out, leading to each decision made in game feeling tense and consequential.


In this rulebook you will find: 

  • The Core Era D10 ruleset, a versatile “dice pool” based TTRPG game system which powers play
  • A full guide to character creation, with a range of backgrounds, and options for the Karma system
  • A list of weapons, armour, and other equipment to prepare yourself for the apocalypse. Weapons come in tiers to reflect their deadliness and durability. When every turn counts, finding the right weapon is of the utmost importance
  • A deep dive into the world of Gaia, including its factions, settlements, and threats you may face in the wildlands
  • A series of short stories to help bring the setting to life
  • A huge selection of over fifty example sessions to get you playing right away
  • Worked examples of the rules, and GM advice tailored to people new to running Era: Survival
  • Character and GM aids, including a detailed list of examples for Attribute/Skill pairings, as well as fumble examples for when dice rolls don’t go to plan
  • The Infected Manual, detailing a huge range of unique zombie enemies; Pick your favourite or roll 2d10 to generate from a selection of 100 different viral mutations. 
  • The Tales of the Outlands expansion, which provides a vast number of campaign ideas, and short stories to further set the scene for Gaia, both included for the first time in the core rulebook!
  • Karma Tables, to be used instead of the separate deck of cards if you wish

The Era: Survival core rulebook (and a few dice!) are all that is required for anyone to play the game, with separate Karma Cards highly recommended, but not strictly necessary. With a vast array of expansions and source books as well as a player’s guide available to add new context, abilities, and much much more, you’re all set for more adventure, should you want to dive deeper into the world of Era: Survival.


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