The services we offer are:

Game Creation & Development Assistance is the thing that, more than anything else, we are proud to offer as a company. We aim to help you improve your game – we don’t want to buy it off you or take it away. We want you to create the game you always dreamed of.

Concept Art – there’s nothing quite like watching your universe take shape around you. Our artists are experienced and talented, and not afraid to throw in their own aesthetic suggestions!

High Quality Art is one of the things that will really sell your game. Humans are visual creatures, and a beautiful sunset or interesting space ship will cause a person to pick up the game and look into it more thoroughly.

Professional Writers. Anyone can write, right? Well, yes. But not everyone can capture the imagination and emotion you want to make your game contain for the benefit of the players. We have multiple writers with years of experience in exactly the type of writing you want for your game – from story elements to technical details.

Marketing & Funding can be done by anyone, right? Well, we have 2000+ likes on Facebook, we work with and advertise on several other websites, and we have our games reviewed by podcasters on a regular basis. In terms of funding, we have a very good record of success with Kickstarter, and we hope to continue that.

Graphic Design & Layout are vital to many games – logo and icon design, laying out of a book, cards, or box design is something our team has experience in, and are happy to help you with.

Playtesting & Podcasts – every game needs playtesting, avoiding this is assuming that no-one will ever try something you’ve never considered. We have groups of playtesters that we can provide to you to test your game, from min-maxers to people who play primarily for the roleplaying. In addition, we can offer you the opportunity to have a podcast of your game put up on a podcast website!

Publishing & Printing is, obviously, a fairly important part of game production! We have relationships with printers that allow us to get lower prices than you would expect for printing and shipping your games.

Comics & Graphic Novels might be a slightly unusual thing to associate with RPGs, but we’re happy to offer them as part of the potential ways you can explore your game’s universe.

3D Modelling to create figures that can be moved across an environment is part of many RPGs and Board Games. Our modelers have experience in designing characters based on descriptions and reviews.

Music and Sounds allow you to add background music or sound effects to an application, and to make a trailer video that much more appealing to viewers. We have composers and sound designers who have worked on our Era: The Consortium project.

Video Trailers are great for getting word of your game out there – YouTube, Kickstarter Videos and so on. We have professional video editors who will work with what you can provide to make it look good.

Application Development provides you with the opportunity to widen the knowledge and utility of your game by reaching the Android and iOS users. We even offer expertise in Unity 3D, for those who are more ambitious!

Translations are vital if you want to sell in other parts of the world. We offer several languages.