Graphic Design and Layout FAQ

Do you do game logos?
We most certainly do! We have a fantastic logo artist, who’s done stacks of logos for us. Here are some examples:
Is laying out my book a hard task?

Laying out a book of any length takes a lot of time, patience and attention to detail. You can do it yourself of course, but we have experience in doing this specifically for games and are happy to help.

My game needs cards… do you guys deal with that?
Yep, no problem! We can help you design the borders and backs of your cards, and get them just the way you want them.

I know what content I want on my character sheet, but laying it out is a bit of a pain – can you help?
We have people who have experience laying out multiple character sheets and working with several different groups of playtesters to find out what works and what doesn’t. We’ll be happy to help you optimise the design.

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