2014 Restrospective

It’s time. Sit yourself down and grab a cup of your favorite beverage, maybe even prop your feet up and put on some Al Green tunes. We here at Shades of Vengeance have compiled a highlight reel of some truly memorable achievements in 2014.

Oh, and get ready for some good old patting yourself on the back because we couldn’t have gotten here without you! Have we told you how cool and amazing you are yet? Consider yourself told.

First up! People to thank. Along with our core team of dependable folks who make the everyday magic happen, here are just a few of the people whose hard work and dedication deserve to be recognized:

Heath Heil who worked on the Last Stand of Stilleto comic. He was wonderful to work with and we wish him the very best of luck! If you haven’t already looked him up, jump over to his page and take a look around, you won’t be disappointed.

Victor Adame Minguez, thanks again to him for illustrating our story with some breathtaking artwork! Victor’s work can be enjoyed on his site.

Sofia Michailidou has contributed a staggering volume of amazing work since she first started and now we’ve got her moving on to other projects like Era: Lyres! Please stop by her page and take a look at some of her other work.

Jennifer Martin has given us some truly scary stories. She’s a lovely individual and we’re planning on more projects with her in the near future.

Amy Allworden is always willing to pick up more work to help out and has joined the writing team for at least our next couple projects! Stop by her site for a look at other works.

Now, let’s move on to some of the exciting things that happened during 2014. If you stopped by one of our convention tables, spread the word about our Kickstarter, donated or just plain gave us good vibes, we thank you!

The company Shades of Vengeance Ltd. was officially formed in February 2014, to work on the Era: The Consortium project. Forming the company really highlighted all the great things we could accomplish.

On May 20th, Ed and John attended Anime North in Toronto where they ran games and spoke on a few panels. This was where the idea to help others really started taking shape. With the experience gained from Era they realized there was so much they could help others achieve

From the realisation that we could help others came the start of our work with the creators of Amazing Space Adventures (Kickstarter completed!) and Order of the Link. There are more on the way but these ones open to anyone who wants to get in on the ground floor!

Shortly afterwards, we began our Patreon Campaign, which from then until now has been providing a brand new session every month, following its unique campaign storyline about time travel.

Dice and Stuff began broadcasting weekly podcasts of their Era: The Consortium adventures and, trust me, you don’t want to miss it. Adam Giles puts on a top notch podcast while his team of players dig their way through the nitty gritty of space battles, Consortium intrigue and how exactly you can push someone out of a moving car. Plug in and sit back for an hour’s worth of good quality entertainment.

It was a staggering year but the turnout for the Era: The Consortium Kickstarter campaign was still surprising and heartwarming; 459% funded! Here’s the part where you give yourselves that well deserved pat on the back. If you’ve helped us along and want to know where things are headed and when you can expect that next reward keep in touch with our Kickstarter updates.

At MCM Comicon the staff of Shades of Vengeance sat down with a number of gamers, some of whom had never played an RPG before. It was a great time for everyone and a great opportunity to let people know how much fun Era: The Consortium is.

Our second big comic, Counting Down From One, is nearly complete thanks to comic artist Toni Doya! Look for more updates on this in the coming weeks and check out the first images of page one, here.

The Era: The Consortium rulebook has been through professional layout and the proof is off to the proofreaders. Because of some layout changes we’ve even been able to add in a little more content and include some extra stories!

The Shades of Vengeance team ran a table at Dragonmeet 2014. The staff ran a few games and even met some folks who want to work together on new games.

Amazing Space Adventures is complete and digital rewards have been sent out; check to make sure you’ve got yours. Unfortunately, there has been a slight delay on the physical book which we hope to get fixed soon.

Well that about sums up most of the fantastic things that 2014 has brought us. Let’s move on to the great things you can look forward to in the upcoming year. We’ve got more games, more comics and we’re coming to more conventions so you can get some dice rolling yourself!

Order of the Link is due out in the first half of 2015.

Era: Lyres, a truly imaginative Low Fantasy RPG that’s sure to get you hooked, is set for the first half of 2015.

We’ve got another ambitious game, something on the level of Era: The Consortium, starting up. It’s too soon to give away spoilers so you’ll just have to check back in for more details!

Conventions, oh yes, there will be conventions. We don’t have dates and names yet but you’ll be the first to know when and where you can find us. Stop by and don’t be shy!

We have plans for more comics from the Era: The Consortium universe as well as others so keep checking back for sneak peeks and updates.

We’ve also got “Marked For Death” starting out which is a FATE module about magic-wielding assassins. If there’s one thing better than an assassin it’s one that can shoot a fireball.

Keep checking back because we’ve got much more planned for 2015!

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