2015 Retrospective

Hi everyone!I thought it might be a good idea to do a sort of “What have we done this year?” post.

So I started looking over everything we have done, and my instant reaction was “Wow, ¬†that is a lot!”

Well, here goes:

This time last year, we had a lot of commitments – Era: The Consortium and Amazing Space Adventures Kickstarters had both been funded – but we had not delivered anything to anyone. We had sold a few Rulebook Primers at MCM October but we couldn’t even offer full Rulebooks!

– January saw Amazing Space Adventures arrive with fans, our first successful Kickstarter delivery, and from there, we blossomed.

– Era: The Consortium’s Primers and then Core Rulebook quickly followed, taking slightly longer to complete.

– Our new comic, Counting Down From One was not far behind. We took that chance to explore the possibility of assassinating Benjamin Hayden, a parallel to the Patreon Campaign which, by then, was taking real shape (and is still going strong a year later!). We were thrilled to have so much support from fans, which really made that project possible.

– Building on that success, we brought out Era: Lyres, a game where you play as “not-adventurers”, as one person put it, and try to convince everyone in the city of Yarnolth you are heroes to earn your living. It was an instant favourite with our existing fans, as well as a number of new ones, and spawned a Deluxe Edition with additional content at the request of the Kickstarter backers (for those in the know, more from Professor Wilton-Smythe coming soon!

– Order of the Link, the second of the games by External Creators which we helped reach fruition, had an immensely successful Kickstarter, bringing in a nice profit for the creator in return for his 30 years of work, as well as sending out well over 100 copies of Order of the Link to players!

– Marked For Death was the next External Game we helped bring to life, a FATE module about assassins!

– Finally, in October, we brought Era: The Empowered to life in the form of a Rulebook Primer. The rewards from that Kickstarter have been sent and many have been delivered already!

– We have made deals with ten shops so far, in the UK and Australia, who now carry our books, bringing them a bit closer to you.

– I have appeared (I use the term loosely, because the computer with a camera doesn’t work very well!) on two Twitch Streams with the guys over at EncounterRoleplay, playing Era: The Consortium and Era: Lyres.

– And finally, a special mention for Dice and Stuff, who had their first anniversary this year! We are so pleased to be an integral and core part of what they are doing: congratulations on your success, guys! May it go another 10 years!

Not bad for one year, right?With Era: The Consortium’s first expansion scheduled for the beginning of 2016 (5th January, don’t miss it!) and our brand new game Era: Survival for not long afterwards, next year is going to kick off with a bang!

– We have also got two more games planned for the middle of next year, as well as 3 Era: The Consortium Expansions, more for Era: Lyres and loads more External Creators working with us!

– We are working on bringing you some more comics next year as well: a 100-page Graphic Novel for Era: The Consortium and at least one but hopefully more comics for Era: The Empowered.

None of this would be possible if it weren’t for the support you guys have given us. We love creating, but that isn’t enough; it can’t be in this world, sadly. Every time you buy one of our books, you help make the next one possible, you help us to keep going. Thank you.

Next year, we have no intention of slowing down – the Era: The Empowered, Era: The Consortium and Era: Lyres Universes will continue to grow and offer more, and we are planning to attend more conventions than ever before!

And… yeah… I might take a day off at some point! Well, it could happen, right?
– Ed

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