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The best thing about making games is getting to play them. We love our beta-players and we also look for every opportunity to get people sitting down and rolling some dice with us. I hope you’ve made plans to join us at MCM Comicon in London, May 22nd – 24th. I can confirm that we plan to bring with us the following: Era: Lyres, Era: The Consortium Full Rulebook as well as the Primer, Order of the Link, Amazing Space Adventures, the Last Stand of Stilleto Unit comic and – for the first time ever – we will be offering some of our amazing art as posters for sale. We will have a few Consortium pieces, the Lyres map and a highly limited edition poster of “The Hunger” from the latest Era game; Superheroes!

If you’re thinking that this sounds amazing and you really wish you could make it to MCM but the flight to the UK is killing your budget…I have a surprise for you. Adam and our good friends at Dice and Stuff are attending Anime North in Toronto, Canada from May 22nd – 24th and they will be running some Consortium games!

Look for their table and I know they would love to show you around the Consortium universe. If all goes as planned we should even have rulebooks for sale at the event. I hope you’ll come see them and make some time for a game. If you don’t know who Dice and Stuff are you should check out their weekly podcasts where you get all the inside action on their Consortium team, Claymore unit. They can teach you a few things about how best to blow things up!

One last thing today. Our Lyres Kickstarter is winding down and you’ve only got 4 more days to get your deluxe edition of this unique new RPG. With your help we can still push this game to its next Stretch Goal so stop on over and take a look at some of the add-ons that Ed’s created. We’ve got cloth maps, a Traveler’s guide to the cities in Era: Lyres and Consortium rulebooks. You guys can make a difference by passing around the word about this game. I’d like to give a big thanks to everyone who’s already backed us; you’re really helping to make this vision a reality.

See you next time!

– A

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