A Glimpse Into Headquarters – The Oracle

Have you ever wondered what it looks like at the Shades of Vengeance headquarters? Perhaps you’ve imagined that we’re all sitting around on lounge chairs, eating fast food tacos, and scanning the internet for leaked Star Wars videos. Well, ok… you’ve pretty much nailed my day. It is harder to get fast food tacos in the UK, so Ed usually settles for pizza.

However, on most days we work pretty hard around here. Between writing, editing, collaborating and a dozen different administrative tasks it get pretty hectic. Right now Ed has finished the writing for the primer and our artists are churning out pieces at a fantastic rate and they look great. So, to let you in on what we go through for an average work day I asked Ed to give me something we could share with you all.

Getting to Work

Working as fast as we can!

– A

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