A new interview and Co-ordinates to find us at MCM!

Ed  has been busy the last few weeks grabbing everyone who will sit still for two minutes to tell them about what we do here at Shades of Vengeance. From little old ladies waiting at bus stops to muscled cycling enthusiasts at the gym; he’s out there working hard to get peoples attention. And it’s working! He recently showed up on another interview; this time with Geek Apocolypse. Check out two hours of conversation on Ed’s opinions from anything to everything; including Era: Lyres.

Speaking of Lyres, thanks to all the backers who supported this game we’ve just broke past the first stretch goal! Congratulations and thank you for helping to make our dreams a reality. Now every backer will get a digital copy of the map of Yarnolth. After listening to the requests and comments of our fabulous backers, Ed has been persuaded to develop some add on items with our rewards so go check out the Kickstarter to see what’s new!

If you’ve seen our frontpage lately you might be wondering why we’ve changed. Well, we’re currently displaying a poster for the Era: Lyres Kickstarter on our frontpage as a way to let folks who might not be getting our regular updates know what’s been going on. We want to remind people what games we have available to support so that we can continue to provide new and amazing RPG’s.

Last thing for today and then I’m going to let you go. We know where we’re going to be at MCM! I hope you’ve got your tickets and plans made to come see us on May 22nd -24th at MCM Comicon in London. You can find us at table number 1333 near the S7 entrance. Stop by and play a game with us, chat us up about Consortium or any of our other games and ask any question you like. We love talking to fans! We also love cookies…seriously, bring cookies.

See you next time!

– A

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