A New Look For Our Second Comic – The Oracle

Just a few updates for you this week.

First off, did you get your copy of the Last Stand of Stiletto Unit comic? If you missed out, then stop everything and head on over to our Shades of Vengeance Store – they can still be picked up there.

Once you’re done reading Last Stand of Stilleto Unit, I know you’ll be itching to get a hold of our second comic and I can tell you that Counting Down From One is looking good. We’ve hired on a brilliant new artist, Johan Mandanin, and I hope to get my hands on a new page for you soon. In the meantime, please check out his artist gallery through Deviant Art. His work is top notch and it’s going to fit in perfectly with the Consortium style.

My last update for this week is a good one. The rulebook is getting closer! We only have some final proofreading and edits that we’re hoping to finish by the end of January and then it’s off to the races…or the printer; which would probably be quicker. As a backer myself, I plan to sit around on my porch and stare at my mailbox in breathless anticipation. But if you don’t want to do that, I suggest you trot on over to the Shades of Vengeance Store and pick up a digital copy of the Primer to get rolling right away.

More updates will be coming next week!


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