And… Rest!

Hi everyone!

Obviously, last weekend I was at MCM Comicon. I have to be honest, this week I’ve not done a lot.

I’ve been working on a few stories for Era: The Empowered – I’ve done 3 this week. Keith has done some awesome artwork of several of the characters in the game and it’s really inspired me!

I have an Era: Survival playtest planned now, with a larger group thank myself and Co-Creator Freddie, and we’re going to see how a few hardened veterans (Uh, yeah, remember the GMs at MCM? Those guys!) handle the hopeless struggle for survival.

Finally, Era: The Consortium’s first expansion, The Secret War, is coming along nicely. I’m aiming at a completion date of the end of this year – it’s all dependent on artwork, so we’ll have to see how that goes!

So, relative to usual, not too busy!

See you guys around.

– Ed

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