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Before I tell you what’s new I’d like to take a minute and remind everyone that our Order of the Link Kickstarter is still going strong – over 200% funded! This project has some great rewards. At different donation levels you can choose from Digital and Physical versions of the Rulebook Primer as well as sessions written by the creator and a print of the game’s artwork. Thanks to everyone who’s already donated and if you haven’t then give it a look and spread the word about this great game!

Moving on to new business. We’re doing another interview! RPG Gamer Dad is doing a podcast interview with not only the Ed Jowett, but also Johnathan Lewis, our Marketing Director, Co-Writer and Editor. I don’t have details yet on when this will air but we’ll be sure to throw you a link once it’s up.

While you’re waiting, you can listen to our first interview with Adam from Dice and Stuff. The Dice and Stuff podcast interview featuring Ed Jowett (alone, this time!) came out on February 16th. If you didn’t catch it when it aired then take a moment to listen now. You’ll find out his favorite characters, favorite missions, where it all started and what his biggest gaming superstition is. I’ll give you a hint; it does not involve throwing coconuts.

Wrapping things up this week, I want to let you know that Lien Scott has now officially signed on with us. She will be helping out as a Marketing Assistant and we’re thrilled to have her. Welcome aboard Lien! I brought cake and streamers but I think they broke my 3D printer when I tried to send them.

Until next time, keep rolling!

– A

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