#AudioDramaSunday Spotlight: The Sounds of A Titan’s Rise

Hello everybody!

Now that the Kickstarter is funded I wanted to dig a little deeper into a few aspects of A Titan’s Rise (https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/erascapes/a-titans-rise-a-cyberpunk-full-cast-audio-drama?ref=1tx0ci)!

Did you know that we recorded our own sound effects? We felt it was important to fully craft the unique nature of the Consortium setting and give extra support to our fabulous voice actors.

We spent two days recording SFX that included combat, footsteps and even machine parts for the tech, appliances and vehicles that you hear as we explore the Consortium. From USB Fans and smoked salmon, to combat boots and watermelons, we used a huge variety of props in surprising ways!

Here are my top tips for those of you starting out in sound design:

– Sounds are deceptive!
As long as you reach your end goal, you don’t necessarily need to replicate ‘accurate’ noises (I know this will come as a shock, but we didn’t have a faster-than-light engine core lying around to record!).

– Use your space!
Take your time as you set up each effect. Position your mic carefully and don’t forget that, sometimes having your artist change position can give you more variety.

– Always have a back-up!
If you’re recording object damage or using fragile props make sure you have an extra or alternative – only having the ability for one take is a recipe for disaster!

– Be a team!
You need at least one person to monitor your recordings as they to make sure things come out alright!

You can hear what these basic approaches and more brought to life in our samples on the Kickstarter and through the full version of A Titan’s Rise, available here: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/erascapes/a-titans-rise-a-cyberpunk-full-cast-audio-drama?ref=1tx0ci

– Leo

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