Become a Legendary Lyre! – The Oracle

Hot on the heels of the recent Kickstarter success of The Secret War, we’re bringing you another opportunity to get a copy of a great game. Era: Lyres pocket edition is rocketing off the charts and on its way to 500% funded! This Kickstarter is not just a chance to pick up an amazing game at an amazing price (only £1)  it’s also a fabulous opportunity for you to help us build on the game.

Right now you can join nearly 100 backers and add your most creative ideas to the world of Lyres. We’ve had an incredible amount of supporter generated creatures and items. Do you have a whimsical creature or fantastical item that you’d love to see inside the Lyres game? Come join us and you never know just what you’ll find… I heard talk of hang gliding goblins. Good stuff!

Next week I’ll give you a rundown of everything we’ve got in the works for 2016. It’s already been an amazing start to this year and I’m excited to see where we’re heading!

See you next time!

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