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Ed has been spending the last few days writing sessions for our Primer. It’s a fun job but there’s quite a bit that goes into every one: each campaign includes a unique story, a full scenario and gameplay stats for enemies and whatever you might encounter. If you’re familiar with our Era: The Consortium Campaign, you might recognize this setup. We want to make sure that people have a great time when they play one of our games and to do that we like to give you as many tools as possible.

Each Primer will come with playable sessions. That should be plenty to get you started and rolling on your own. These three sessions will follow the seven characters who feature in the robot image we posted a few weeks back. You may recognize them as the same characters that folks play when they join us at conventions.

“The Truth”, the session that we run at conventions, is one of these three… if you’ve sat with us for a game, don’t worry about having already played one of the sessions already, though! Ed is doing some tweaking and when finished  it will be a full length 4+ hour session with a different ending so the game should still feel fresh and provide a few twists and turns, even to those who may have seen it before.

Before I let you go today, I want to ask you a question. We’ve been talking about setting up a Patreon campaign to give people access to these ongoing sessions – no matter how hard we try, we can’t stop Ed from creating more. It’s worked very well with Consortium and I’d like to know, what do you think? Would you like to see these sessions available on Patreon? Shoot us a comment and let us know.

That’s it for me today. Right about now, Keith and Ed are somewhere locked in a deep creative meeting of the minds and hopefully churning out armloads of amazing artwork. Best of luck to them!

I’ll have more news next week!

– A

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