Carry your RPG wherever you go! – The Oracle

Never worry about another torn page or coffee stained rulebook again! Ed has been busy thinking up something fabulous for all you hardcore fans out there. For a limited time only, we will be offering custom engraved metal memory cards at  MCM Comicon in October!

They’re credit card sized – small enough to fit in a pocket or wallet – but big enough to hold everything you need to play either Era: Lyres Deluxe or Era: The Consortium Core Rulebook (and, at 2GB, they have plenty of space to store character sheets!). Now there’s no excuse not to carry around your favorite game wherever you go; to school, to the library, to the Great Wall of China. Make sure to get there and get your hands on one of these little beauties before they’re all gone!

I have one more bit of good news for you today. We now have a date set for our Era: The Empowered Kickstarter! We’re aiming to kick things off on October 21st, so be sure to pencil that into your calendar. There was a chance we could have released it sooner but we just ordered some fantastic graphics for the Kickstarter and our artist was getting pressed for time. Even though the Primer is a shortened version of the fabulous full game you’ll see later, we still want it to stand on its own as an amazing product.

That’s it for this week, I’ll see you next time with more news!


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