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Counting Down From One has now finished its Kickstarter event and is totally funded! We’re really happy that this great story is going to get a proper finish and we thank everyone who took the time to support us; from helping to fund the project to passing it along and spreading the word. It’s been fantastic to see this comic evolve over the three act story. I know you’re going to enjoy it.

Right now we’re waiting on the artist to complete the last 7 pages of the third Act in the series. After those pages are created it can move on to lettering and finally coloring. Our artist has been ill for the past several days but even with that small delay we’re still on track to get this finished on time! I’ll keep you posted as this project nears completion.

Here’s a page for you – hot off the press, just came in to Ed:

Page 15-websafe

Also, I have some really exciting news about the Digital Version of the Consortium Core Rulebook. We’ve sent it out to all Kickstarter backers! The physical rulebooks will be coming out shortly and we predict that we will have them with us by the time we attend MCM Comicon in May.

Ed has been busy stocking up on mailing supplies in preparation. So, if you’re wandering around London and you find yourself staring at a small flat with packing bubbles, rolls of tape and postage boxes hanging out the window then you’ve found Ed’s house. Stop by and say hello.

So what’s next for the Consortium universe?
Well, Shaun Hardcastle has not yet been brought to justice and I believe Hayden Bank has something stealthy and dangerous hidden up their sleeve. Shades are still out there!

See you next time!

– A

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