Consortium Expansion Spotlight: The Armoury – The Oracle

Raise your hand if you love getting loot!

One of the things I always enjoyed about playing RPGs was getting to build a character from the ground up and advance to higher levels where I could employ an increasingly impressive array of skills as well as tools. Now that might not trip everyone’s fancy but for those of you who love exploring gear, this Expansion is all for you.

In the first iteration of the Consortium the weapons you’re given were quite straightforward. Truth be told, Ed isn’t much of a loot guy when he runs sessions so most people just got what they wanted from the start and the only limiting factor was Encumbrance. Ed realises that, while this method gets you in and playing the game, it leaves out some potential for growth. He started to work on this idea with the Equipment modification rules in The Fifth Race, but there were still loads of possibilities for loot gradation.

So, we present to you… The Armoury, which will bring you loot-lovers exactly what you’ve been looking for!

The Armoury will offer a huge range of loot; with something for everyone. Using this book will give your group a chance to start out with substandard equipment like the kind you’d expect a novice to own. As you progress through the success of your campaigns and gain higher levels you’ll be rewarded with opportunities to gradually improve upon the gear you own. This way a seasoned veteran is going to be handling some serious firepower whereas a rookie will be making do with what’s at hand. I think this book will be a great way to add some extra challenge and incentive to your sessions!

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