Developing Game Cards – The Oracle

It’s no secret that Survival will be our first ever Era game to utilize cards. I know I’ve talked about them before but perhaps you still don’t have a great idea of how they work. These cards are going to be an integral part of the game, so  let me explain.

In Survival, these cards are linked to a specific (also new!) mechanic in the game, the Karma mechanic. There are “Good” cards and “Evil” cards.

The “Good” cards will make good things happen, like your weapon staying usable, even though you thought it was going to break.

The “Evil” cards will make bad things happen but give you some sort of reward, like making an enemy Infected mutate… but because of that you would be able to harvest special bone claws and sell them.

It’s a complex system and the team is still working to make sure there is a balance between to the two sides.

Right now, Ed is also busy designing and styling the cards and he will be getting a few options printed up for the next playtest run in the early part the new year. Hopefully we can get a glimpse of them soon!

See you next time!

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