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When Ed ran the first campaign of Era: The Empowered at MCM Comicon it was a hit. Folks loved the game and wanted to know where they could buy a copy right there and then. It was tough to break the news that our latest game is just in the beginning of development and won’t be ready to play for some time yet.

Well, today I have great news! Ed has decided to create a Rulebook Primer in response to all the wonderful feedback and the many people who desperately wanted to play this game. Begging and pleading don’t always work but, hey, you never know unless you try, right? We want to help get everyone who’s excited for this game something to start enjoying as soon as possible. Ed is going to be working with Keith Draws, the layout artist behind so many of our favorite pieces, so you know it’s going to look fabulous.

This primer will come out alongside an ongoing campaign with a few pre-made characters. It will be much like our Era: The Consortium Patreon…but without the need to go through Patreon. Once the Primer is finished we’re going to make it available at the conventions we attend and at some point we’ll have it on our website as well. Can you tell that we’re really excited to bring these games to you?

Keep checking back for more details!

– A

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