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Several of our Consortium expansions are coming together and nearing completion. So far we have the Revival expansion which I’ve shown you an image of; a Eulutian woman being dragged off. I’ve also shown you an image of Psionics and we have a hacking expansion that’s coming along nicely. However, all of these fabulous games will have to wait because the first one to hit kickstarter will be the Fifth Race.

Shortly after the Era: Silence Kickstarter ends, Ed is going to bring you an opportunity to expand the universe with another playable race. The Pliangrathalon have arrived and they’ve brought with them some very interesting technology. Some of it’s going to be a game changer for our characters and I think you’ll enjoy what those new weapons can do. So, in honor of that expansion practically knocking on our doors Ed has decided to give us a few new images. You get to see a few great examples of Pliangrathalon, with and without their mechanized legs. They’re going to be an interesting new addition, I can tell already.



Before I leave today I wanted to let you know that Ed is currently producing another Consortium comic. This will be a 24 page story about Hai-Xang Hayden; one of the most important figures in the Bug War and how a personal tragedy changed her life. The comic is more than halfway through and Ed tells me it’s looking fantastic. Can’t wait to see it.

That’s it for today. See you next week with more news and updates!


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