Era: The Consortium General Update

Hi everyone!

I’ve not posted here for a while, and I apologise for that! I’ve been very busy with various things to do with this project.

It’s now time for me to give you the full update!

The Rulebook

Good news on this front – this has gone through the first round of changes from the layout lady. I’ve now edited those changes and am waiting for her to come back to me with those edits… which I’ll then pass out to proofreaders.

I’ve been able to expand the content of the book quite significantly, especially the story, where I’ve been able to add a significant number of entries to the timeline and even an extra story or two.

Any of you who have visited us at conventions will see that the layout has changed significantly from the v0.8 we have had to show. The below are only screenshots from a PDF, but I hope you can see what we are aiming for.

We do have a couple of things we are working on still – making the tables stand out, figuring out a bit of a layout change for the worked examples in the book, that type of thing, but everything is going great right now.


The New Comic – Counting Down From One

The comic, Counting Down from One, is coming along nicely! Here’s page 1 (without dialogue) for you to feast your eyes upon:

Actually, we’re so pleased with the comic that we’re thinking of doing a colour version. We’ll let you know the details of that when we make a final decision!

I’ll continue to keep you all updated, of course, on everything going on but for now that is everything.

– Ed

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