Era: Silence has a permanent home – The Oracle

We’ve only just begun putting up the images and adding some detail but already the world of Era: Silence is starting to feel comfortable. Check out the subsite for additional artwork as it’s completed and further game details as we go through the process of bringing you this unique vision. It’s all very secretive at the moment and I only get little glimpses from Ed which adds a great deal of mystery to our newest game. I will be just as surprised as every one of you as this world develops. From what I’m seeing so far, it’s looking action packed.

While you’re waiting for progress on Era: Silence I can give you something fantastic to make the wait easier. The Pocket Edition of Era: Lyres that I’ve mentioned a few posts ago will be coming around shortly. You can expect to see an opportunity to get the digital version for only £1. Besides being easy on the wallet, this smaller edition will have just what you need to run a game without the fluff and all that extra background. Head over to the website to keep tabs on this new edition as well as to check out some of our new style additions. As per the Stretch Goals we will have some background added to the website, stop by and tell us what you think!

Before you leave I want to shout out a huge thank you to everyone who has been supporting and spreading the word about our Consortium expansion Kickstarter, The Secret War. We couldn’t have made it to over 200% funded with a little under two weeks to go without you. I don’t want to get sappy or anything but you guys keep us striving to make better and better games.

Until next time, keep on rolling!


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