Hayden Bank: The Hidden City

By Alistair Bigos

It is rumoured that, deep in the northern crust of Taranis where the temperature is slightly cooler, there lies a hidden city – an underground city of roughly 400 cubic kilometres in size. This city is not populated by people, but by their personal information. Billions and billions of records: financial transactions, sexuality, close connections and other personal information which can be extracted, analysed and exploited by Hayden Bank.

Behind the small, hidden surface hatches and air filtration systems,  servers 30 stories tall extend for kilometre after kilometre. Quiet, distant and soulless, the city goes about the job of knowing everything about everybody.

Powered by its geothermal generators, the dark mechanical leviathan quietly hums, repeating its tasks, monotonously following its processes, and swallowing the lives of the people of the Consortium. Only the million or so daylight-starved technical support workers possibly know the real truths…

But do they?