Taking back Icaunus

Panels flashed and lights glowed in the Command and Control Centre on the Dyrnwyn, the first of the new Heavy Cruisers and the flagship of the Consortium fleet. It was fresh off the assembly line and designed for this war – so much so that there was a “secondary bridge” in the centre of the ship intended as a CCC.

Light bounced off all of the polished surfaces and gleaming metal. In the centre of this area, Jon Silver sat, directing the battle. A bank of screens surrounded him and he was bent over them, sending instructions in as near real-time as possible. He wondered for a moment whether the Ximians had a similar arrangement somewhere at the back of their fleet.

The buggers were determined, there was no denying that. Another newly-adapted Medusa Medium Cruiser collapsed under the strain of numerous kamikaze attacks from their fighters, brightening the nearby panel momentarily with a burst of radiation.

It was clear that they had the upper hand, though. The technology race which they had both participated in had been won – by the Consortium. The bugs would have to fall back before long. Once they were contained…

Jon pulled his thoughts back to the battle and moved three more fighter wings to guard the Medium Cruisers.

Taking back Icaunus