Ideas For Consortium Expansions – The Oracle

Last year, I mentioned that Ed had a long list of potential expansions for Consortium. It’s true. He’s been collecting ideas for over two years, each one bigger and better than the next.


We delivered quite a few of them during our Kickstarter last year, which is now just finishing fulfillment… but, now that we have this pool of great ideas we need to start deciding which ones will go into our next Kickstarter. That’s where you come in.

Oh sure, we could just toss a dart at sticky notes or pick names out of a hat, but we want to know what kinds of games you’d like to play. What game is going to make you stay awake at night planning epic sessions that leave your team saying “Yes! More of that, please!”

So, you tell me which of these are your favorite…

  • Create your own race. (“Predictive Genetic Algorithm”)
  • Create and manage your own company. (“New Worlds”)
  • Explore the stars as a trader or pirate. (“Free Trader”)
  • A Resistance Handbook, a complete guide to who, what and why. (“The Resistance”)
  • More types and gradations of loot for Era: The Consortium. (“The Armoury”)

The options are nearly limitless and whichever ideas you like, those are the ones we’re going to include in our next Consortium expansion Kickstarter. Have an idea for something amazing that we haven’t listed? Message us and you just might see your own idea come to life as an expansion book.

It’s an exciting time to start playing The Consortium. The world is getting larger by the day and the depth to which you can explore is not stopping anytime soon!

See you next week with more updates!