In the Midst of Edits – The Oracle

With Amazing Space Adventures transitioning back to its creator, things have gotten pretty quiet on that front, though I do hear the squeak of mental cogs grinding away. Here’s what we’re working on this week…

Our expert on Rules and Character Creation, Ed Jowett, is busy with Order of the Link; hashing out the finer points with what we hope to be a final round of editing. He’s working closely with the game’s creator to get this project ready for its Kickstarter launch and if you’ve read his post then you’ll know that we’re also in the process of getting some artwork done. There are lots of details being worked on right now, all in the name of making a fabulous end product.

While Order of the Link is entering the last stage of edits we have Marked For Death just starting out in its first round of edits. We’re waiting on feedback from the game’s creator before we go further and I hope to have more news for you soon.

Don’t forget that our Facebook game giveaway event wraps up this Tuesday!

That ends the updates for this week. I’m hoping that next week I can announce the addition of a new game to our list.

– A

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