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We’re now only about a week away from our first big convention of the year. We have the games ready to play, the gear is getting packed up and we can’t wait to sit down with everyone! Just arrived this week are new laminated maps for the Last Stand of Stiletto Unit scenario, for use by our GM’s during the event. Ed’s place has been flooded with all the new gear we’re bringing.

Last week he received a shipment of game posters that we’ll have available for sale and due to a printing error we will have more than we planned. Our limited edition prints just got less…limited! That doesn’t mean you should sit back and wait to grab one, we’ll still run out pretty fast! We’ve just recently received the backdrop posters for Era: Lyres and Era: The Empowered (The new working title for the Superheroes game). We even got some new dice just for the occasion. What all this means is that we’re bringing everything we can think of to make this event fantastic!

So, are you ready to come play a game with us? There’s still plenty of time to get your tickets. Stop in for one day or all three, we’ll be there to talk you through all your questions and show you around our favorite games. We will have copies of the Era: The Consortium Standard rulebook (the same as was sent out earlier this week!) as well as the standard edition of Era: Lyres for purchase. We won’t have the deluxe Lyres available because that was a Kickstarter special so your first change to get a copy of this one is to visit us during MCM Comicon!

If you aren’t planning to attend MCM with us I hope you’ll stop by Anime North and say hello to our friends at Dice and Stuff. Adam and the gang will be running Era: The Consortium games during the event and if you’ve been keeping up with their podcasts you’ll know that they have some pretty good times. Congratulations to everyone at Dice and Stuff for just recently passing their 30th episode of Era: The Consortium! We can’t wait to see where Claymore is going to go from here.

One quick mention before I leave you. Order of the Link was sent out last week to all of our U.K. Backers. Thanks again for believing in this game, we truly could not have done it without you!

See you next time!

– A

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