Keep The Game Going! – The Oracle

There’s this point, the one at the end of a great gaming session, where you look around the table and think… “That was awesome, let’s keep going!”

We know exactly how you feel and that’s part of the reason why Ed has created our Patreon campaign. Every month we work to give you something extra, something unique. Even after the sessions you get from the Kickstarter, or what you’ve played with us at a convention are used, there’s still more fun to have!

Jump in now and you can get in on the ground floor of our upcoming Era: The Empowered Patreon. When the Kickstarter for our newest rulebook primer is over, we’ll begin to add expanding material for this game to our Patreon. Feel free to stop by and join in if you’re a fan of our other two games as well; Era: The Consortium and Era: Lyres are also represented in this Patreon. Don’t let the fun stop!

One last reminder for you today. Our final convention for the year and the last chance you’ll have to play a session with us until 2016 will be at Dragonmeet, December 5th in London. Come prepared for adventure, danger, and hopefully a laugh or two.

See you next week!


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