Kickstarter update! – The Oracle

Thank you to everyone who jumped in and decided to try Era: Silence! We’re really encouraged by the interest you’ve shown and can’t wait to give you this game. If you haven’t had a chance to check it out remember there is a Quickstart Guide which will let you play 3 challenges and get a taste for the game.

Ed is a fanatic when it comes to developing unique ways to play an RPG. Consortium created an impressive depth of playable history. Lyres allowed the players to control the telling of the stories. Survival implemented a dose of karma in its dark world.

Now, Silence will challenge your perception of the very nature of roleplaying. Using only body language, there’s no end to the sort of fun and mischief you’re capable of getting yourself into with this game.

So get in there and see what it’s all about, grab a few rewards and remember to share this with your friends. We’d love to hand out some of those Stretch Goal bonuses.

See you next week!


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