Kickstarters everywhere!

Hi everyone!

Wow, what a week! Order of the Link’s Kickstarter has been made a Staff Pick out of the blue… and has hit its second Stretch Goal, at $2500. Still 53 hours to go if you haven’t backed it yet!

Our “comic division” has got Counting Down From One active on Kickstarter now, your chance to get parts 2 and 3 or the comic – and 1 if you missed the Consortium Kickstarter – and find out what happens to Brynne Abramo and her team when they try to assassinate Benjamin Hayden!

I’m working on the Era: Lyres Kickstarter, which you can expect to begin before long now, along with a Dice and Stuff Podcast of them playing it! This game is awesome fun, and the Beta testers are all loving it too! Here’s a little of their feedback:

“I like the rule set, I find that the skill and attribute system is fantastic for this scenario!”
“The idea of this game is phenomenal.”
“Pretending to go on adventures; more fun, less work, just as stressful! Lyres is the first game I’ve ever played of its kind, and provided a whole new take on ‘roleplaying’!”

So check it out when we link it here!

All in all, I’m really proud to see so many of our products, as well as those we have helped people with, becoming available to you guys; first via Kickstarter and we’re in talks with several retail locations as well! It really is my dream come true.

Beyond that, loads of work is going on – my “week off” this week has been more of a “week on”… I’d better get back to it!


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