Last day of 2015! – The Oracle

This is it people, we’ve made it to the final day of 2015! Remember when everyone thought that 12/12/2012 would be the end of the world? Yeah… we’re so much smarter in 2015.

Thank you to Ed for holding down the fort while I was away and I hope everyone had a truly lovely holiday. My winter break was memorable and if anyone should ask you, being stuck in a blizzard with ½ a sheet of frosted cake is not a bad way to spend your time. So now I’m back and just in time to help you ring in the New Year!

2016 is going to be a fantastic year and I’m really not just saying that. Era: Lyres, my favorite game, will be looking at some expansion material. I’m stoked not just because this adds to a story I enjoy but also because I’ll be taking on some added responsibility in its development. We’ll be looking for ways to fill it out and increase the experience which is already a ton of fun. I’ve got my list of interesting new bad guys already started… how does Rust Eating Lawn Gnome sound? Hmmm, may need more work.

I’m also excited to see the Consortium expansions taking shape. Each one is going to give further depth into this massive world and I can’t wait to pick up where the story left off and introduce you to some new characters. It’s no secret that I love writing fantasy humor but sci-fi is a huge passion of mine as well. Looks like I’ll get to do both of those things in 2016!

However, before 2015 leaves us complete let’s send it out in style this New Years Eve. Invite all your friends over for a Consortium Marathon party and dress as your favorite character. If you have no friends then dress up your cats and use them instead!

Get out there and make tonight memorable!

I’ll see ya’ next year.


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