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I’m going to start right out this morning with some fun Consortium Expansion news. I know you’re eager to get details on what the future of the Consortium looks like and I’m eager to pass it on so here we go!

Ed has decided to give us all a sneak peak at some Expansion technology. This piece of art is brought to us by the ever fabulous Sofia Michailidou who worked with us extensively on the original Consortium rulebook. Take a look.


This is a Repair Nanite Implant. They are a Shade device designed to assist operatives throughout the course of battle. They’re a huge advantage and I’ll give you an example of how they work. Imagine you’re out on a secret mission of the utmost stealth and one of your tech devices are damaged. All you have to do is deploy these little babies and Voila! Fixed.

It’s like having a mini-mechanic at your instant disposal. Repair Nanites can be used for anything from weapon jams to broken computer mainframes and everything in between. These small wonders can even put back together a gun that’s completely broken in half! They’re also a much better deal than most mechanics you’ll find because they don’t charge you added overtime fees and hardly ever spill coffee on your upholstery. Once the job is done these micro-mechanics simply return back to base to recharge.

Repair Nanites are just one of the many innovative things that are coming out with our new Consortium Expansion. We’re currently working on creating more content for you to enjoy and right now we’ve already got a few stories written to first draft. I’ll get you more details just as soon as they come to me.

One last thing for today. Ed just received a massive shipment of paperback editions of the rulebook which he’s going to bring along at every convention we’re attending so look for it when you come see us. Also, the hardcover copies will be arriving by the end of the month and I’ll let you know when those arrive. Keep those dice rolling!

Until next week!

– A

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