Lyres Deluxe, Hardbacks, Secret War, Website and so on

Hi everyone!

Just a short one today, I’m really busy right now!

I’m working on the Lyres Deluxe layout, just got the last story from Amy… it’s looking great, you guys will love it.

The Secret War is coming along very nicely. We’ve got all but one of the stories and all but 2 of the images completed! It should be with you relatively soon now! Again, this is looking really cool and I think you guys will love both the new story elements and the new equipment and implants available!

I’ve been working hard on the website – so far mostly the Era: The Consortium subsite – and it’s not entirely complete yet. If you find any errors, don’t panic! I’m going through the pages and working on it. Apart from the obvious visual changes, I’m trying to make it easier for you guys to all comment on the news posts… hopefully it’s working! I’m expecting to spread this across all the sites, particularly the main one, because I think it’ll come out really great!

Anyway, back to work!

– Ed

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