Making Progress – The Oracle

As I’m sure you’re aware; creating Role Playing Games is hard work. It takes weeks and months of planning and production to make a fabulous end product. We love seeing an RPG go from idea to playable content but the process isn’t all fireworks and champagne. Most of our time is spent in day to day development. Here’s what we’re up to right now…

This week Ed and Keith are continuing to work on the game’s art. Things are plugging along nicely and they’ve finished all of the full pages of art which frees them up to focus on the half page images. In addition to the new art, Ed has also come up with a fabulous new character sheet that’s going to knock your socks off, if you’re wearing socks.

We’ve got a long road ahead of us but this game is looking great and we really hope that we can bring it with us to the MCM Comicon in October. Come join us for a game!

See you next week!


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