MCM Manchester over, more conventions coming!

Hi everyone!

I wanted to take a moment today to speak with you about conventions in the UK. As many of you already know, we do quite a few conventions here, as it’s where I live and I hate travelling!

We have just finished an amazing weekend up in Manchester, exhibiting at MCM July. If we met you there – our first time at that convention – I wanted to let you know that we enjoyed every minute of it!

If you didn’t make MCM Manchester, don’t worry! We have plenty more conventions coming. We’ll be attending the following:

– GamesFest (October) – we’ll be running the UK championship of Champion of Earth at this one, with some awesome prizes to win!

– MCM London (October)

– Dragonmeet (December)

and several more!

In fact, you can check out all of the details on our brand new “About Us” page, where there’s a full list of all of the conventions we are visiting:

There’s one other convention I specifically want to call out, and that’s AetherCon. Leo (Head of Audio, Creative Contributor on several Era games) and I will be running games for that event. It’s actually an online event, so you can join us from anywhere in the world in a rare opportunity to play games run by us if you don’t make enough conventions we attend for your liking! Check out the event here:

Please reach out to us via Facebook or Twitter if you want any more information on the events we run!
– Ed