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Hi everyone!

This has been a busy week! The launch of our first ever expansion Kickstarter, Era: The Consortium – The Secret War has consumed much of my time, as I’m sure you might imagine. The campaign is going pretty well so far – we are funded for the first print run and on our way the the first Stretch Goal. I am as much hoping to push Era: The Consortium in front of some new players as I am wanting to offer some amazing new rewards to the people who have been supporting us right from the start.

During the Kickstarter, I’m recording a podcast with Willem over at Ice Cream for Everyone. We’re doing a sequence of 20-minute conversations that he’s going to edit together to talk about my thoughts and feelings about the Kickstarter as the campaign runs. Recently, we talked about what should be in an expansion and how Era: The Consortium came about. I think it’ll be an interesting podcast and well worth a listen! I’ll make sure it’s linked here when it comes out, of course.

I’ve just today received the proof for Era: The Consortium’s v1.0.1 (which resolves all the Errata from the original version and contains the result of another thorough round of proofreading!). Don’t forget you can Contact Us to ask for a free Digital v1.0.1 if you already own the rulebook!

Era: Survival is also going nicely. We’re pretty much just down to finishing off the artwork and a bit of the story writing now – the character creation, rules and GM Section are just awaiting an edit now.

I’m working on a new game, as well, as some of you will already know. We’re calling it Era: Hush and it’s going to be a small-sized book – a “pocket” game, rather than an A4-sized rulebook. It’s a fun little game, and the first draft is almost complete, but it’s going to need a lot of playtesting, due to its nature.

So I’m keeping quite busy (It’s 2016 already? When did that happen?). If you haven’t looked at our Era: The Consortium – The Secret War Kickstarter yet, then please do so and consider backing – even £1 lets us push that little bit further!

– Ed

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