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It’s a new year and that means giving everything a new look. We’ve got the new webpage design coming along, Era: Lyres pocket edition is in the works and now Ed’s coming up with a new version of the Era: The Consortium Primer. We’re going to keep refining these things until they’ve got everything you asked for. We’re not quite like a deli where we can make you a game fresh and to order but we’re coming close.

As requested; Ed is going to include a character creation section in this version. The Primer will have a limited number of options for you to create a character with enough history and faction detail to get you hooked and include all the rules you need to play. This will be a great way to dive into the game and get playing right away. I do also suggest you take a look at the Time Travel Campaign we’ve got running on Patreon because this Primer is intended to accompany it. Content is added regularly to keep the world of the Consortium growing.

As our games develop and get out into the world we love hearing feedback from you, playtest groups, and reviewers. If you’ve got things you’d like to share with us please don’t hold back! Ed recently sent the Era: The Consortium and The Secret War to a number of different reviewers. He’s hoping some of them will be coming back shortly and we’ll be sure to share their reviews with you. Until then, keep having fun with our games and give us a shout if you’ve done a review of one of our games. We’d love to read it!

Catch you next time!


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