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By now you’re probably aware that we here at Shades of Vengeance are all about games; from game design, complex backstory, thoughtful art and engaging comics, to supporting the individual creative visions of developers. We strive to establish a¬†relationship with each creator and build the world that they’ve envisioned.

So far we’ve helped to engineer futuristic worlds of adventure, deep space explorations, multi-genre spanning epics and so much more. Every game we’ve produced has been loved by fans and followed with excitement. Order of The Link is no exception!

In just a few short days fans have mustered together and pushed this game into its second Kickstarter goal and within sight of the third one. Congratulations!! Now everyone will benefit from having 20 pre-made characters and perhaps even more! I think it’s safe to say that with only 6 hours left before the finale this event is already a big success. If you still haven’t jumped in to get an early copy of this game you’d best do it now because your time is running short!

That’s about it for this weeks news. Ed is in the midst of writing the definitive history of Defend The Planet with the game’s creator. I’m hoping to pull some revealing game details out of him for next week.

Don’t forget to check our newest webpage, Frontier has its very own space and some fabulous pieces of art on the front page.

That’s it for now, until next week!

– A

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