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We’ve traveled to the future with Era: The Consortium and slain dragons with Era: Lyres. What could possibly be next… walking through walls?

Have you ever wished that one day you’d wake up and suddenly be able to fly, speak with the spirits or meld with the shadows? Well that’s exactly what this game is going to deliver, and so much more!

We are happy to announce the development of our latest game: “Era: The Empowered”! It will be set in the style of the 1990’s Marvel TV series that you know and love. We’re hard at work on it and so far everything looks amazing.

If you’re one of the lucky ones who visited us over the weekend then you may have had the chance to play it at MCM Comicon, where Ed (who created this one, too!) and the group ran some demo games for fans. Era: The Empowered is our next full-length game, similar to The Consortium in size and scope, featuring characters with special abilities or powers.

But like any of our games, the true measure isn’t just on the surface. There’s plenty of room for intrigue, manipulation and, of course, character development. You’re also going to have a chance to play a dynasty of superheroes over a sweeping scope of time: each character more powerful than the last!

Just like the Consortium, our characters are very multidimensional. After all, not everything a villainous person does is bad and not everything a hero does is good… right?

You’ll be getting more information on this brand new game as development continues!

Until next time!

– A

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