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I’ve a confession to make. I’m absolutely terrible with making lists. I draw them up on little scraps of receipts that I find. I stuff them into pockets and forget about them, or use them as impromptu bookmarks. However, I have a list for you today that I’m really excited about.


Ed has given me the low down on everything he’s got cooking this year and it is HUGE! Looks like we’ll be working round the clock to get each of these projects completed. So, here are the items we are either currently working on or will be coming throughout the next weeks and months.

– Era: The Consortium – Graphic Novel – This is going to be a 100 page graphic novel anthology of 5 stories about the bug war. There are some great stories to choose from and I’m excited to see what the team comes up with!

– Era: The Consortium – The Fifth Race – This is the second expansion for this series and will bring a fifth playable race into the mix in the Consortium! More details of this new species will come out in our next post.

– Era: The Consortium – RTFM in the 450s CE! (working title) – Our third expansion will brings loads of new equipment into play! Is there really anything better than getting new tech in a science fiction game? I don’t think so.

– Era: The Consortium – Models – Ed is currently looking into the creation of some models of characters to add to your gameplay!

– Era: Lyres – Pocket Edition – The Kickstarter is underway now! You have just over one week to get your hands on a copy.

– Era: Lyres – Website Expansion – As per the Kickstarter, we are adding content to the website for the Bestiary and Locations pages. Keep checking back for more additions!

– Era: The Empowered – Comics – We are planning to create a series of comics for various Empowered characters. I won’t be handing out too much detail on this one just yet but I can tell you that several of the characters involved were also featured in earlier projects, such as the Primer. You’re certain to recognize at least a few faces.

– Era: Survival – Core Rulebook – Our newest game will go out on Kickstarter in mid-March! We’re practically there already. This is our second full-length game, weighing in at 230 pages and the team is incredibly excited to set this one loose.

– Era: Silence – New Game – This is our second pocket game and a truly unique playing experience. I’ll pass along more information as we move towards its release date, sometime towards the middle of the year.

– Era: The Empowered – Full Game – This is our next major game and we will be making progress throughout the year towards completion. I’ll keep you posted and be sure to check back for more details as we move forward with this and all our games!

More game news next week!


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