Play a game with us at MCM – The Oracle

Are you going to MCM Comicon today? Ed and the team are there right now running games, selling merchandise and answering all your questions. So, get yourself down to table #1333 and say hello! We’ve got plenty of time to show you around all the amazing games we’ve produced and anyone from the team would love to take the time to chat with you. Adam from Dice and Stuff is doing the same thing at Anime North.

In rulebook news; the U.S. edition of the full rulebook has been submitted to the printer and we should get a proof back from them shortly for approval. Everyone not in the U.S. should already have theirs and we’ve gotten some great feedback from folks who say they really enjoy it. I’d love to hear more from you guys. What do you think, is the rulebook what you expected…better? Shout out to us. We love to hear from folks who are playing our games.

Not far behind this newest delivery will be the Hardcover copies. All of this edition will be going through Ed who will personally package and mail them out to you, sending them off with a little extra care and some added good ju-ju. He’ll number this hardcover first print run to make them even more special. Because we care.

Also new this week; Ed received some good info about the Character Creation application. He was told that an early stage prototype will be ready to look at very soon. From there we’ll see how it looks and move forward. So, when he knows he’ll let me know and when I know…I’ll let you know!

Now that we’re nearing the completion of our Era: The Consortium publishing run we’ve thought long and hard about where to go from here. This rulebook covers the first 500 years of the Consortium but we’re not stopping there…no siree! There’s so much more to discover and there’s so much more we want to share. Keep watching this site for more information as time goes on.

That’s it for me, until next week!

– A

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