Era: The Consortium – Predictive Genetic Algorithm


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The Predictive Genetic Algorithm is an expansion book for the Era: The Consortium Sci-fi tabletop RPG, and a powerful toolkit for creating your very own playable alien races to slot seamlessly into the canon setting. Solving the issue many games have of chaotic and unbalanced homebrew, this book offers a complete guide to creating alien species balanced directly with those in the core book. This easily allows GMs and players alike to create new species to populate the galaxy, perfect for games focused on exploration or galactic invasion. Re-create any species from your favourite franchises, or use the vast array of options and create brand new ones, all tied seamlessly into the core canon of Era: The Consortium. The possibilities are truly endless.

Races are created through a point-buy system, making trade-offs between positive and negative traits. While maximums exist to make sure a certain race isn’t too mired in negative abilities, this system allows a large amount of freedom in making your alien species just how you imagined. The book comes with a swath of options to make sure no two alien species are exactly alike, and all have their own mechanical flavour during play.

In this Era: The Consortium TTRPG expansion you will find:

  • A detailed species creation guide, describing the process of creating your own balanced, playable race
  • Over 100 different traits in various categories which can be combined to make an alien species exactly how you imagined
  • Advice for the GM on running a game which includes customised species
  • 8 pre-made races to get you going, with examples of the point buy system in action
  • Lore concerning the Predictive Genetic Algorithm, and how it ties any custom-made species into the core Era: The Consortium universe

This book requires the Era: The Consortium core rules in order to play. With a whole universe of expansions and pre-written campaigns available, there’s plenty of other content to use alongside the Predictive Genetic Algorithm should you want to expand your horizons within the world of Era: The Consortium.


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