Rewards are fun for everyone! – The Oracle

I’ve been going on for the last month or so about MCM Comicon in London and it got me thinking. This event will be a blast for everyone who comes to see us, but what about people who won’t be able to make the trip? Well, Ed has a way to fix that.

Whether you’re stuck having to pull extra hours at work or spending your time on a tropical island you can still get in on the fun! During the weekend of our attendance Shades of Vengeance will be running a competition. Rewards will be delivered to everyone who participates and the kind of reward will depend on how many people post to our facebook page, tweet @shades_of_venge or back us on Patreon. We’ll be offering things like wallpapers from our games, free sessions for Era: The Consortium, Era: The Empowered and more. I’ll be sure to get you more details as we get closer to the event but start planning now to share the news with friends.

The last thing I want to talk about before I let you go is Era: Lyres, our unique fantasy game  of storytelling adventures. Our Kickstarter rewards have now all been mailed out to the backers who so graciously supported us. We are thrilled with the final product, this game turned out even better than we had imagined. Now that things have wound down I’d like to ask you something. What more would you like to see from the Lyres universe? Message us and let us know where we can expand the experience.

See you next week!


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