#RPGaDay Challenge – Day Nineteen

Hi everyone!

Today, I’m once again going to avoid the obvious answer (still answering within the set of Era Games) of Era: The Consortium, which has some amazing writers, and instead focus on another game…

#RPGaDay 19: Which RPG features the best writing?

I’m going to talk about Era: Survival today, which was written by the amazing Jennifer Martin (and also by me, but I’m talking about her writing here).

Jennifer (who was also part of the Era: The Consortium team and is working on Era: The Empowered’s Core Rulebook, the Era: The Chosen project and more!) has a particular talent for bringing that type of world to life: it’s bleak and Humans are barely surviving. I remember when I read the first story she submitted for that game and I sat for a minute, totally blown away by the way she had captured perfectly exactly what I wanted the feel to be.

Era: Survival has gone on to do rather well – it’s got 2 expansions completed, a Definitive Edition Rulebook in production and a third expansion on the way, along with a successful Kickstarter which funded them! I credit a lot of that success to Jennifer and to Mikhail (the artist on the project) who, between the two of them, captured the feel of the world excellently!

You can get hold of Era: Survival on our store [ http://www.shadesofvengeance.com/store ], if you’re interested, and the DriveThruRPG Digitals will be released in the coming weeks as part of our current release events!

Explore Gaia with us in Era: Survival if you want to experience some amazing writing!

I’d also like to give an honourable mention to Amy Allworden (who you might also know as “The Oracle”), Darren Pearce and Graeme Penman, who are all doing some amazing writing for various books in the Era games series. With Empowered and Chosen on the Horizon, featuring work from all of these people, I’m certainly looking forward to next year! But I’m getting ahead of myself. That’s Day 31!

– Ed