Consortium Expansion Spotlight: The Resistance – The Oracle

There are few things I enjoy more than a good underdog story and small bands of hopeful warriors fighting against the might of the powerfully corrupt are like music to my ears. That’s why today’s Consortium Expansion Spotlight is quite possibly my favorite topic; The Resistance.

If you’ve ever wanted to get down into the experience and really feel what it’s like to be a member of the Resistance then you’re going to want to follow this book closely. Written by Ed Jowett and the brilliant Steffie de Vaan (writer of no less than four Vampire books and a host of others!), this expansion will bring you everything Resistance related. So, what does it feature?

  • A complete picture of the Resistance’s full timeline
  • More stories to explain what they are doing during The Secret War, The Fifth Race, and A New Dawn
  • Descriptions of each of the influential units as well as their area of expertise
  • Subfactions within the Resistance which are touched on in the Core Rulebook
  • So much more!!

Join Keelaa, Steve Adams, and other great Resistance fighters as they work to bring down The Big Eight!

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I’ll see you all next week for more news, sneak peeks and Kickstarter events so come back soon!