Sending out Secret War Rewards – The Oracle

There are a lot of great moments in this job but this one ranks near the top for me. Through weeks and months of hard work, our team creates something that we hope you’ll love. This moment of truth, when the game finally arrives in the player’s hands, is exciting and nerve wracking. Did all the images come together like we envisioned, did the writing turn out as good as we hoped and do the players have a great time with the game? We’ll get those answers soon because Ed has just finished sending all the digital rewards.

If you’ve received your copy we’d love to hear back from you. Don’t be shy! Stop on by and tell us what you loved about this expansion. We’re pleased with how things have turned out so far through this Kickstarter and at this point physical proofs have been ordered in the UK as well as the US so we expect to be giving those a look over shortly. All the rewards are wrapping up and getting to our backers. Thank you so much to everyone who supported this game, we absolutely couldn’t do this without you!

So, are you wondering what’s next for Consortium?

The very next thing that will be arriving in this universe is our fifth playable race. These newcomers will have their own storyline, special tech and they’re sure to add some fantastic conflict to the lives of our current species.

In addition to this next expansion, we’re also looking to add some source books for each of the races in the game. We’ll have one for Humans, Eulutians, Ximians, and Vilithii. In these books we’re going to discuss history, give each of them some more unique abilities, and give you 5 more reasons to love your favorite sentient beings even more. This is a fairly big project and we’re really excited to get working on it. I’ll keep you up to date as things take shape over the next few months.

See you next time with more news!


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